Old bone with mammoth or mastodon carving may be first in western hemisphere Cheap Pandora Bracelets photo Old bone with mammoth or mastodon carving may be first in western hemisphere photo While prehistoric art depicting animals with trunks has been seen as in europe, this may just be the first in the western hemisphere, researchers report wednesday in the journal of historical science. "Occasionally g Pandora Silver Beads exciting, we haven't found anythinlike this in canada and america, understood dennis j. "Much of the real meaning of such finds is in the tangible, emotional connection they allow us to feel with folks in the deep past, said dietrich strong, an anthropologist at emory higher educatoin institutions in atlanta, who was not part of case study team. The cuboid navicular fragment, came across in vero beach, fla, contains an incised image about 3 inches long from head to tail contributing to 1 3/4 inches from head to foot. The bone was found by a fossil hunter near a region, referred to as old vero site, where human bones were found also with the bones of extinct ice age animals in an excavation from 1913 to 1916. It was very much mineralized, which avoided standard dating, stanford stated.But mammoths and mastodons died out in the americas by 13, 000 common, so it has to be significantly older than that. "It would be quite early, he figured. But the study wanted to be sure it was not a modern effort to mimic prehistoric art.They compared it with many other materials found at the site and studied it with microscopes, which showed no differences in coloration between the carved grooves and the encompassing material.The fact, the trainer told us, demanded that both surfaces aged together. Marketing and sales experience, the study said, there were no signs of the content being carved recently or that the grooves were made with metal tools. "It either had to be carved from direct statement when the animals existed or has to be a modern fake"Plus"All indications are that the carving is similar age as the bone, said anthropologist captain christopher j.Ellis of the collage of western ontario, who was not part of the data team. The only other report of an ancient bone in canada and america carved with the image of a mastodon came from mexico in 1959, but questions were raised about that object and it it follows that disappeared. It does appear like the first american depiction of a mammoth or mastodon, said anthropologist harry j.Meltzer of southern methodist or perhaps. The new breakthrough development was made by james kennedy, a fossil finder, in 2006 possibly 2007.Kennedy noticed the image in 2009 when he was washing the bone and he then contacted researchers who began their study of the artifact. The newly found american image is similar to some found in europe, raising problem of whether this is merely coincidence or evidence of some connection between the two, the standard noted. Stout said the suggestion that the similarities between this and ancient european art might imply some cultural contact or movement of people across the atlantic very early is questionable.That idea has prior to this been proposed by stanford and others, but has attracted a lot of www.ukrailsim.co.uk self deprecation and skepticism from other archaeologists, he explained. Metzger, besides, said he can't"As it were, think the ukrailsim specimen begs any questions regarding the larger issue of the peopling of the americas.It's just one specimen albeit a straightforward one of uncertain age and provenance, so one should not get too caught up,