Australian shares pushed up Australian (click here) shares pushed up Strength in resources and banking stocks has pushed the australian share market higher despite the continuation of a us congressional stand off over budget dialogue. 'Right now it doesn't seem like there are so much reasons to panic because people do believe we are going to get something cobbled together, ' Mr Weston said of america talks. Exploration giant bhp billiton gained 29 cents to $35.60, Pandora Bracelets UK Rio Tinto added 49 cents upper at $60.67, But Fortescue Metals fell at the end of trade, Throwing away one cent to $4.77. The gold price also posted potent gains, continually constantly continuously promoting newcrest mining up 35 cents, or it may be 3.2 %, Which can $11.30. The big four banks counseled me higher, with national down under bank up 37 cents to $34.89, Westpac up 21 mere nickels to $32.64, ANZ up six mere nickels to $30.96 and earth Bank three cents higher at $71.70. Formation giant leighton holdings was one of the day's biggest Alphabet Beads Pandora losers, lowering $2.04, Actually 10.4 percent, To successfully $17.54, After media reports of allegedly corrupt practices in Leighton's overseas operations.